Video content that will promote long-lasting brand recognition


Here at Focus Media, we specialize in many different areas that help our clients tell their story. Our team of passionate professionals is here to help you with creating a concept, writing a script, creative direction and managing a production project.


We can create commercials for  brands, agencies, and networks with high quality visuals. Our team can handle everything from concept development to hands on production.


Get complete coverage of your special event in a visual storytelling approach, no matter the size. Let’s make your event a memorable one.

Corporate Interviews

Focus Media provides world class corporate interview video production. We help our customers achieve the look they want for both in-person and virtual production.

Promo Videos

Work with us to create a promo video that will represent your product or brand and introduce it to your target audience. Create buzz and get people talking about your next project!


Many artists, educators, and companies are using short films to get their messages across. Let us help you put your vision on the screen. 

High Speed Car Chase

Car crane technology, like MotoCrane or Russian Arm, is widely used in filmmaking community to film cars, motorcycles, and everything related to fast moving objects. Learn more.

Music Videos

We offer the full range of creative services for music video production. Our team works hard to meet artist’s expectations while understanding budget constraints.


We help businesses tell their stories through engaging and professional corporate videos. From concept to post-production, we work closely with our clients to produce videos that are tailored to their brand and objectives.

Featured clients

Our clients range from start-ups and small businesses to long-established corporations. Our team of experts offers strategic guidance and video production services to help reach client’s objectives. Contact us today to plan your next video production project.


Looking for a professional video production company in San Diego? We specialize in corporate and commercials projects, entertainment, social media and music video production. With the newest industry equipment we are able to take your project to the next level. Thanks to our video production team we can create an effective form of communication that is integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.