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One of the most desirable requests for production companies is filming of commercial interviews. We are not going to talk about job interviews since those can be filmed by the potential employee using laptop or cellphone and does not require any technical or creative aspects.

Video production of commercial interviews is usually focused on information about the company, product, service or event. Most of the interview videos are made for marketing purposes. There are several types of videos with interviews that are essential for marketing:

Brand Videos

Brand videos are usually made to introduce the company to the viewers. This type of the videos are made to convince the audience that your company is great and it is worth of their attention. Corporate branding video production usually helps companies to tell its story and share the values. In most cases, companies look for video production that can help with both storytelling and interview video production.

Explainer Videos

Explainer video is usually produced to simply explain something. Generally this kind of videos are teaching of the subject, helpful tips or overcoming an issue. Besides visual presentation, explainer videos need to contain interview video production part as well.

Product Reviews

Product review video is designed to sell tangible product or service and there is no better way to show the attributes and benefits. The majority of the product reviews can be found on YouTube. This is by far one of the best ways to get the most accurate information about the product or service. As a rule product review videos are filmed using the same techniques as video production companies that film corporate interviews.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are one of the most underrated tools to influence the audience. Personal connection and trust to the brand. Per Social Media Today, companies that inspire a higher emotional intensity receive three times as much world of the mouth marking. Having higher management or executives connect with potential customers through the video increases the chances for personal trust.

Event Videos

Event videos are filmed to create great sense of community for your employees and clientele. They can be posted on all social media channels such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It is a great way to showcase the company’s culture to those who was not able to attend the event. Most of the times, video production company will interview the employees about the event and company culture and insert snippets into the final edit.


Testimonials unlike company telling you about their product, it is very different when someone else is raving about it. The study by Vendasta who provides an end-to-end platform to 14,000+ channel partners who sell digital products and services to more than 2 million SMBs shows that 68% of participants will likely trust your business more when see positive reviews. Testimonials can also be shot on laptop, cellphone or professional video production company who specializes in video production of interviews.

Corporate interview videography requires creative approach such as lighting, number of cameras, number of people interviewed, interior or exterior, etc. Focus Media is a video production company, with locations in San Diego and LA, specializes in production of cinematic corporate interviews as well as event videos, testimonials, branding videos and others.