Music Video Production in San Diego, CA

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We live in a world of visuals. According to the Business Insider, one of the leading platforms on the market is YouTube, where 400 hours of content is uploaded every minute. It includes vlogs, commercials, tutorials, reviews, short films, music videos and much more.

By having a team of professional videographers you are setting your music video production up for success. Leading roles in music video production are: director, who leads the story, director of photography, responsible for the look and colors of the music video, a camera operator, camera assistant, makeup artist, wardrobe designer, gaffers and grip, production designer, producers and sometimes more. The team makes a difference.

Our Team in Action

Our Process

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Every music video starts with concept development and script writing. The talent and production company will have a brainstorming session. The best concept will make it to the script. Having a storyline is very important as the team can work on visuals and move on to the next stage – storyboardsStoryboard is a visual representation of how your video will unfold, step-by-step. Storyboards save a lot of time and make production much easier.

Casing is a process of carefully selecting actors, dancers and other characters. Production team also has to select film locations and some places may require filming permits, which can be expensive. We have experience obtaining permits and making sure that you stay within your budget.  We try to educate the client on every single detail of the process as communication is the  key to successful video production.   

Our Clients

Our clients range from start-ups and small businesses to long-established corporations and global brands. Our team offers strategic guidance and video production services to help reach client’s objectives. Contact us to plan your next video production project.