Corporate Interviews

Focus Media provides world class corporate interview video production. We help our customers achieve the look they want for both in-person and virtual production with high-quality picture, high-end sound, and studio lighting. 

corporate Interview Video Production

Our Expertise

As a leading video production company in Southern California, we can say that one of the most requested services is an interview video production. Majority of our clients need to shoot interviews, training videos, event recap or product videos. It can be an introduction of a new product, a welcome video, testimonials, or just an informative video. 

One of the most important aspects of producing a quality interview is lighting. Lighting the set and the subject provides life to your image. The colors will be more defined and the subject will be separated from everything else. You want to establish the conversation between the audience and your subject. Many cinematographers will choose lighting over the camera as you can shape any mood and change the tone of the video by placing and adjusting the light. The same trick will not work even with the best camera in the business. That’s why hiring a team of professionals who know what they are doing is very important. 

event Interview Video Production
artist interview

Our Team

When filming corporate video such as interviews, training videos or events we always have a team member assigned to perform a specific task. Director of Photography is responsible for the mood and quality of the image. Sound tech is responsible for audio quality and proper equipment. Director usually makes sure that the talent feels comfortable and confident during the interview. Sometimes we also have additional members of the crew such as grip and gaffers.

Featured Clients

Our clients range from start-ups and small businesses to long-established corporations. Our team of experts offers strategic guidance and video production services to help reach client’s objectives.