Kickstarter is an ideal method for funding your new business idea. This process is beneficial because it uses the power of crowdfunding. However, this type of campaign can be difficult. In simple terms, there are many people looking for money for their projects. So, if your project does not stand out, you will not be successful. However, your goal is reachable.


If you use the power of video production, you can increase your chances of success.


In general, you will create more interest for your campaign with a good video. Video provides a direct connection between you and your potential backers. You will be able to tell the story of your product in an interactive style. As a result, you will evoke emotions in people watching. Video also creates a chance for backers to see you. Most people will develop feelings of trust this way. You can take advantage of the video setup to open up to watchers.

Kickstarter Budget

Since video production is crucial, you should have a budget for this purpose. Cheap DIY videos will help you reduce your costs. However, they will not attract backers. The people watching will judge your business and work ethic based on the video quality. A good video will create a positive image. The potential supporters will see reliability in business. In addition, you will increase your funding with a professional video.

All things considered, a simple Kickstarter video will cost you around $2,000. Professionally filmed and edited Kickstarter video cost ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. The image quality is the driving factor of the cost. With a professionally filmed and edited Kickstarter video you can expect to have:

Video production for a funding campaign is a little expensive. However, the specific price for a good video will depend on what you want. In most cases, a higher quality video will be more costly. It is important to know the factors that will affect how much Kickstarter video cost. The info will help you develop a good budget for your campaign. Here are the most important factors that you should think about when budgeting for a crowdfunding video.

Professional Equipment

You will need professional equipment for your Kickstarter video. You cannot rely on your phone for this important project. Your device camera will create poor visual files on most modern screens. You should hire a specialized camera for your video work. High quality cameras will have great clarity. Therefore, you will be able to show off your product and ideas.

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It is also advisable to acquire lighting equipment. The lack of sufficient light will make the people and products look dull. Most watchers want to see bright and beautiful images. Professional light will make sure that the images are clear. It will also eliminate shadows around objects in your video. As a result, everything in the video will look more appealing and interesting.

Campaign Script

You should not wing it when creating your Kickstarter video. Beautiful images will not have a positive impact if the story is not interesting. You can write your own script to reduce your video production costs. This option is ideal for people with experience in the field. However, if you would like to make the best impression, you should hire a scriptwriter. An expert will help you make a compelling case for your crowdfunding campaign.

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Video Sound

You should plan and budget for the video sound. Poor audio quality will be unpleasant to potential supporters. In addition, your message will not be delivered correctly. You should think about using an external microphone to capture sound accurately. In addition, you should evaluate your voice objectively. If you do not have an ideal speaking voice, you should think about using a voice over artist.

Background Music

The lack of background music creates an awkward vibe in Kickstarter videos. The dead air will be unpleasant and might cause watchers discomfort. Therefore, it is advisable to set apart some money for background music. This will eliminate the uncomfortable silence. In addition, you can use good music to engage the emotions of potential backers.

Video Editing

When calculating how much Kickstarter video cost, you should not forget editing. You cannot post the basic footage of your video. You will need to eliminate excess material and improve image quality. It is also important to use animations and graphics for dramatic effect. Simple revision will enhance the visual and audio. However, you must avoid over-editing.

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