Car Camera Crane

Car crane technology, like MotoCrane or Russian Arm, is widely used in filmmaking community to film car commercials, motorcycle commercials and everything related to fast moving objects.

Focus Media, a video production company based in San Diego, is the first to offer car camera crane system, also known as pursuit system, in the area.


The technology itself is universal and has the ability to be mounted to almost any vehicle. What’s also important is that we can target key filming hubs such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York as car crane can be easily transported in its lightweight cases.


The camera crane is fairly easy to use. The setup time can vary from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours (with gimbal and the camera). The crane works with various camera image stabilization systems, such as Ronin 2, Movi XL, Movi Pro and many others.

car camera crane russian arm san diego la

Our Advantage

Being the first is very important. We’ve received many great opportunities by being able to provide such technology. We’ve received inquiries to work with big brands, such as Chevrolet, McLaren, Jeep and more. Our equipment was also used to film music videos for some of the biggest hip-hop stars, like Travis Scott, Migos, GoldLink, and more.

It is a truly unique piece of equipment that allows creators to fulfill their imagination. For more information and or training please contact us.