Aerial Drone Photography & Videography in San Diego​

We are a dynamic media company that specializes in aerial photography and videography. We take pride in extending our services to clients from various industries including hospitality, events, real estate, retail, TV, construction, and many more. Furthermore, we are fully insured and officially licensed with the FAA. Currently, we shoot on the DJI Inspire 2 using our epic DJI Phantom 4 Pro and X5s. If you’re looking for premier aerial video and photo services in San Diego, look no further.

What We Offer

Aerial Services

Aerial Photography​

We live in an image era where clients suppose their visual senses to get a feast treat of attention-grabbing and stunning images. With our aerial drone, we produce stunning, impressive, and informative pictures for advertising, promotion, and marketing. Our photographers are experts in their field, and they will get you the stunning shots you need. Whether for brochures, presentations, or websites, at Focus Media we will take care of everything as you concentrate on performance. Our flexibility enables us to cover a wide range of services.

Aerial Videography​

We believe that a video tells a thousand pictures. Using the latest cameras and drones, our video specialists will add a spectacular aerial video to any production. We take pride in our excellent services that make us a trusted and reliable operator with several flying hours with Camera OP, Pilot, and DOP. We are a strategist and boast of being the catalyst for offering stunning and memorable ideas which leave a lasting and positive impression on our customers.

Our Process

Tell Us About Your Project

Inform us about the project you want to partake, and we shall offer our unrivaled services. Get great videos and photos of people, events, and places. We have a team of certified drone pilots to fly high-tech drones that will capture the videos and images of your subject.

Leave The Rest to Us

Based on your project, we shall be able to advise you on the best day that will be ideal both for you and our certified drone pilots. This is to ensure that you get stellar services at the right time. We will schedule a flight and get everything done effectively and efficiently.

Download Your Aerial Videos or Photos

We believe in transparency and accountability. Therefore, we shall share your drone videos and photos with you by making them downloadable within 24 hours after the shooting time.


Aerial Services


With our high-tech drones and qualified drone pilots, we are able to create stunning aerial videos or shots of corporate events, birthday parties, graduation parties, weddings, prom events, among many others.

Commercial Real Estate

Highlight the location of your property, showcase the unique features, and show any amenities in the properties with aerial drone photography.

Residential Real Estate

Let the potential clients see what you have to offer. Showcase the surrounding landscape, capture the features of the homes, and the location. Get edited videos and photos captured from a variety of angles, heights, and directions.

Our Work

A picture tells a thousand words.

Our Clients

Our clients range from start-ups and small businesses to long-established corporations and global brands. Our team offers strategic guidance and video production services to help reach client’s objectives. Contact us to plan your next video production project.


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