ARRI Alexa Mini LF rental


The world’s leading German manufacturer of motion picture film equipment ARRI released its newest camera ALEXA Mini LF (Large Format). Demand on this camera has been highly increasing which put it on worldwide backorder. Since then, the camera has been used on various feature films that were nominated for top film awards such as 1917, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Stranger Things, Nomad, Star Wars, and many others. ARRI ALEXA Mini LF takes the market by storm. 

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Best overall image quality in large format

  • Immersive large-format look
  • Lower noise with higher usable sensitivity
  • Highest dynamic range of any production camera
  • ARRI color science for natural skin tones, easy color correction and clean VFX
  • Perfect for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) displays
  • Robust, reliable, and easy to operate and use on set
  • Fast and efficient workflows

Large-format camera system

The LF camera system consists of the high-speed ALEXA LF and ALEXA Mini LF cameras, ARRI Signature Prime and Zoom lenses, LPL lens mount and PL-to-LPL adapter. The combined feature sets and form factors of ARRI’s two large-format cameras encompass all on-set requirements.

Corporate Interview Videography

ARRI's Advantage

The camera quickly gained popularity among world famous cinematographers and became an industry leader. Every video production company and major equipment rental houses were competing for the right to have it in their stock first. ARRI has been always one of the most reliable brands in the industry. Based on this, ALEXA Mini and ALEXA Mini LF have always had great resale value unlike other manufacturers.

Combining the compact size and low weight of the popular ALEXA Mini with the large-format ALEXA LF sensor, ALEXA Mini LF brings exciting new creative possibilities to ARRI’s large-format camera system.